• Jamie is a miracle-worker! Having my last child at 40 wreaked havoc on my hormones, and I started noticeable losing my hair along my temples and part. Through a few sessions, Jamie was able to give my hairline a natural-looking boost that helped me feel confident again. I don’t know what I would’ve done without her!

    — Angela Smith —

  • Jamie’s been cutting my hair for years, so when I started to have hair loss from alopecia, she was the obvious choice to help me disguise my changing hairline. She was the height of professional, clean, organized, and as always, a compassionate and loving presence to spend time with, especially during a difficult time. I can’t thank her enough for the work she did!

    — Joe Williams —

  • I started balding when I was just 22-years-old. I started shaving my head in my mid-twenties to hide it as long as I could, but as I got older, my receding hairline was still clear with shaving. I’m a successful professional, and I take a lot of pride in my appearance, so it’s always bothered me. I felt like I was failing in that aspect. Jamie and SMP were able to restore the appearance of my hairline, and I can finally breathe easy about how it looks.

    — Jake Evans —